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The Ruined Fortress
The Trustees of the British Museum
Frederick James Havell (1801-1840) after Wilson
The Ruined Fortress
1834 (undated)
Etching and engraving
155 x 248 mm
6 1/8 x 9 3/4 in.
Landscape framed by trees, with two boys on the bank of a lake in the left foreground, one with a fishing rod. Across the water other figures may be seen on the shore and on the cliff is a ruined fortress with tower. To its right are other buildings and in the distance, a prominent mountain.
Purchased from A.E. Evans & Sons, 403 Strand, London, 1861
[1] Lettered below the image with the title, production detail: 'R. Wilson' 'E. [sic] J. Havell' and publication line: 'London, George Virtue'
[2] Stamped: 'CABINET GALLERY.'
This is actually a view of Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris after P120.
D343 Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris, The British Museum
P120 Richard Wilson, Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne and other versions
A plate from The Cabinet Gallery of Pictures by the first Masters of the English and foreign Schools, by Allan Cunningham, published by John Major, London, 1834-36
R. K. Engen, Dictionary of Victorian Engravers, Print Publishers and Their Works', 1979, p. 95
Frederick James Havell (1801-1840) was an illustrator, photographer and printmaker, working in London. He was brother of the landscape painter, William Havell.