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The Weir on the Po (Figures by a Waterfall)
Collection of Richard L. Feigen
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
The Weir on the Po (Figures by a Waterfall)
c.1766 (undated)
Oil on canvas
2.41 cm diameter
9 1/2 in. diameter
Col. M.H. Grant
Unsigned, no inscription
Constable has noted that the locality of the view is uncertain. If the river is the Po, the surrounding country is quite unlike that near Ferrara or along the greater part of the Po valley. There is no evidence that Wilson ever went to Turin or nearer the source of the river, where there are hills.
At least six painted versions are known, plus two drawings. They may be based on the composition of two paintings by Gaspard Dughet.
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The title of all the versions derives from the inscription on the back of P197 (Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford)
WGC, p.211, pl. 98a (perhaps version 3 or 4)