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Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris
The Trustees of the British Museum
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris
c.1757-58 (undated)
Black chalk, touched with white on blue paper
294 x 458 mm
11 9/16 x 18 1/16 in.
A river winds into the foreground and in the mid-distance, there is a ruined tower above the water, built on a projecting cliff. Buildings and trees can be seen to the right of it on an adjoining hill. Beyond is a mountain and in the foreground, trees to the left and right.
Nottingham Castle Museum, Art Festival Exhibition, May-July 1988, (no cat.); Llanberis 1990 (S1)
Donated by John Deffett Francis, 1881
Unsigned, no inscription
Dolbadarn Castle was built by Llywelyn Fawr in the early 13th century. It was an important stronghold of the princes of Gwynedd and commanded the route from Caernarvon to the upper valley of the Conwy.
E78/2 Havell after Wilson, The Ruined Fortress, engraving for the Cabinet Gallery
P120 Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne and other versions
P127The Lake of Nemi or Speculum Dianae, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
[1] Gaspard Dughet, Ideal Landscape , c.1658-60, Glasgow Museums
[2] Paul Sandby, Llyn Peris and Dolbadarn Castle, watercolour, 1764, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
[3] George Barret Sr, Llanberis Lake and Dolbadarn Castle in the Mountains of Wales, 1777, Nottingham Castle Art Gallery and Museum, Nottingham
[4] J.M.W. Turner, Dolbadarn Castle, RA 1800, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Notwithstanding an old title On the Tiber the location is Dolbardarn Castle, with Snowdon beyond, as confirmed by a comparison with P120. This drawing may be a study connected with the engraving by F.J. Havell for 'The Cabinet Gallery' under the title of The Ruined Fortress. Binyon incorrectly stated that the scene was the same as that represented in the landscape by Nicolas Poussin in the Berlin Gallery, No.478a, said to be 'on the Tiber near Acqua Acetosa.'
Pennant 1784, p. 157; Binyon 2; WGC, p.176, pl. 37c
Some rubbing, foxing and staining