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Pindar 1782
Pindar 1782
Peter Pindar (1738-1819)
Lyric Odes to the Royal Academicians for MDCCLXXXII, by Peter Pindar, Esq., a distant relation of the Poet of Thebes, and Laureate to the Academy
London, UK
Primary published
Printed and sold by T. Egerton, Baldwin and Debrett
1st edition
Pindar (John Wolcot) refers to Wilson's tragic decline in the 1780s. He foresees, however, that Wilson's works will come back into taste, concluding 'Wait till thou hast been dead a hundred year'.
Ode VI, last verse, p. 27: 'But, honest Wilson, never mind; Immortal praises thou shalt find; And for a dinner have no cause to fear; Thou start'st at my prophetic Rhymes; Don't be impatient for those times; Wait till thou hast been dead a hundred year'