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Booth Notes Doc. 8
Booth Notes Doc. 8
Benjamin Booth
Unpublished Notes Document 8: List of Wilson's Paintings and Works by Old Masters and other Artists in Booth's Collection
Unpublished manuscript
London, UK
Primary unique
Private Collection, England
Four-page flattened folded folio, torn along the fold, with ink text and pencil annotations in same hand on laid paper watermarked 1805.
[Page 1] R:W: [pencil] Wilson 42 -- Rome - Albano.Lake Tivoli .. Wilton. Sketch. Mecaenas Villa Temple of Venus View on ye Dee. View on ye Thames. Composition: Sr. G: Colebrooke Do.-------------- Do---- View on ye Strada Nomentana Do. of ye Temple of Venus. Nemi. with Monks in. a Garden Do. with ye Convent. -- Sr. G. Beaumont [?] Hounslow Heath Rosamunds pond - Cicero's Villa ruins. Sketch Mecaenas.' Baths. Adrian's Villa Do. -----. Villa Aemilia. On ye Terracina [?] road.- Arpinum.[?] Okehampton Castle Temple of Bacchus. Ye Study with. Zuccarelli. after. Zuccarelli and figures. Landscape Ruins on a Hill with Misenati [?] in | - the distance Do -- Nemi. painted at Rome. Villa Madama. Do.- [Page 2] Storm with ruin'd Tower Landscape with Augustus's bridge -- On ye Dee near Wrexham. Horatii & Curiatii Tomb. Minerva Medica Small oval Do. Small in frame. Oxford. -- View on ye Tiber - sketch. Ruins in Kew. Gardens - Marble Caverns at Lerici _ [Page 3] Annibale Carracci -- --The Reposa -- Simone di Pesaro Holbein . ------------ the Steward P: Panini Do. Silence Picture the Virgin and Sleeping Infant St. John Guercino Raphael. Virg.[?] in yellow Virgin & Child & St John --- Bartolomeo. Sebiastiano Ludovico Carraci - Venus chiding Cupid Omphale from Guido Deianira Guido Hunting Louis 15th. Vandermeulen -- Teniers Landscape by Artois Venus & Cupid after Corregio large Claude. Lorraine Landstorm G: Poussin Landscape Do. Landscape G: Poussin Do.-------- G. Poussin Small Do. - G. Poussin Andrea Schiavone -- Christ before Caiaphas P: Veronese. Mater Dolorosa. ---- Carlo Maratti Assumption of ye Virgin. Albano Landscape Nymphs Satyrs. Locatelli Apollo & Satyrs. P: Lauri. Virgin working. with Angels. after Guido Do. in Red drapery ------ After . Guido -- [Lower right side of page in pencil: sketch of heraldic shield with below a calculation:] 200 Wilso 100 - -- 160 50 -------- 450 60 --------- £510. ______ [Page 4] Ludovico Sforza by G: Bellini. a Repose on ye Flight - Dominichino Virgin & Joseph &c in a Boat. .by. Dominichini Virgin & Child. by. Carlo Marratti Virgin & Child by.- Schidone. Vulcan. forging Armour. P: Lauri: Oval - Cupids . - Rottenhaemar. Claude Oval . -- . Do. Small: -- Christ on ye Cross. after. Guido Watteau Do Hogarth.Sketch A Sacrifice P: Lauri. Raphael. Virgin in. Blue Garment. Judgement of Midas. P: Lauri [Pencil:] Martyrdom of Saint Peter --