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Pott 1782
Pott 1782
Joseph Holden Pott
An Essay on Landscape Painting with Remarks General and Critical, on the Different Schools and Masters, Ancient or Modern
J. Johnson, 72, St Paul's Churchyard
London, UK
Primary published
Bodleian Library, Oxford
Vet.A5 e.6558
Published anonymously in 1782, the year of Wilson's death. The author is believed to have been Joseph Holden Pott (1759-1847) at the time of writing a young Cambridge graduate and later Archdeacon of St Albans and then of London. The work comments on P90 Niobe and P162 Cicero at his Villa on pp. 28-30. Wilson is listed among the most eminent landscape painters of Britain along with Lambert, Gainsborough, Barret, Marlow, Wright of Derby (p. 65) and de Loutherburg (pp. 77-78). He is described as 'a painter of great science' to whom 'the finest effects of nature are familiar' and other more general comments are made about him, though he is given no credit for his British landscapes (pp. 67-69).