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Booth Notes Doc. 3
Booth Notes Doc. 3
Benjamin Booth
Unpublished Notes Document 3
Primary unique
Private Collection, England
A second short manuscript biography of Wilson in ink by Booth on unfolded quarto sheet recto and verso; paper watermarked but undated.
Recto: Mr. Richd. Wilsons father was | the Revd. John Wilson, Rector of Penegos | in Montgomeryshire. Mr R: Wilson was | born in 1714, and was placed by | His Father in the year 1729 under | Mr. Thos. Wright, Portrait Painter. | He was at Venice one year, and | in Italy six years, and returned | from [sic] England in 1755. He died | [deletion] May 11th. 1782 at Llanverras | near Clomendre, in the County of | Denbigh, when on a visit to His | cousin Mrs. Jones, & was buried | at Mold in the County of Flint. He died after a short illness, & | was up the day He died - when | the servant who attended Him | put Him to bed He observed that | Mr. Wilson breathed with difficulty | & went down stairs to acquaint | Mrs. Jones therewith, & upon His | immediate return He found | Mr. Wilson dead. Verso: [Inverted:] [1] Seven short mathematical calculations [2] Wm Hodges R.A. | Queen P [= Place?] Mayfair BB./