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Two Figures by a Ruin (Ruined Tower with Figures)
Felbrigg Hall, National Trust
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
Two Figures by a Ruin (Ruined Tower with Figures)
Oil on canvas
24 x 29.3 cm
9 29/64 x 11 17/32 in.
Unsigned; no inscription
D361 Ruins and Figures, The British Museum (1881,0212.26)
D361A Landscape: Road winding past Ruins of a Castle, Victoria & Albert Museum, London (Dyce.645)
E60/16 Whessell after Wilson, Studies & Designs: View of a ruined Tower with three Figures gathered in front, The British Museum
E60/16A Whessell after Wilson, Architectural Ruins, National Museum Wales, Cardiff
E72/16 Thomas Hastings, Untitled, The British Museum (1854,0708.73) and other impressions
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WGC, p. 221, under pl. 112b; Constable 1962, p. 141, under no. 3