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The Revd Dr Michael Marlow, c.1759-1828
The Revd Dr Michael Marlow was a Fellow of St John's College Oxford and after gaining a doctorate in Divinity, was President from 1795 until his death. He was Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University 1798-1802 and Rector of Hanborough, Oxfordshire. An early admirer of Wilson, Marlow was mentioned by Farington in Farington Diary, vol. 11, where the diarist comments on 13 January 1811 that : 'Lambert called. He has been at Bath & at Oxford, where he saw his cousin Dr Marlow, President of St John's College, who had undertaken to write an account of Wilson to be prefixed to fac-simile copies from drawings by Wilson.' (see Archer 1811).
P42 Capriccio Landscape with Lake, Castle and Hills, Collection of Richard L. Feigen
St John's College, Oxford