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Booth Notes Doc. 6
Booth Notes Doc. 6
Benjamin Booth
Unpublished Notes, Document 6: List of Engravers after Wilson and Biographical Notes
Unpublished manuscript
London, UK
Primary unique
Private Collection, England
A manuscript list of engravers after Wilson's works and an assessment of his significance, on a single unfolded laid foolscap page, damaged along upper and lower edges and part-torn along the folds, recto and verso, watermarked but undated.
Recto Engravers from Wilson's Pictures Woollet --------- See before in another paper [Doc. 5] Roberts --------- Storm --- in Colln. of - P Delme [perhaps E17 - an impression] Do a View in Italy --------- 2/- [E16 - an impression] Wood ------------ Lake of Nemi. in Exh. 1774 -- 2/- [E13 - an impression] Byrne il Teatro at Villa Madama ----- 2/- [E14 - an impression] Morris -------------- a View -------------------- D. Woolcot [E25 - an impression] Roberts ------- Anconetta near Venice --------- Opie [E19 - an impression] Byrne ---- a View Campagna from Sibyl's Temp^l\: 2/ [E15 - an impression] D. Carnarvon Castle [E27 - an impression] P C Canot --- Bridge Pont y Pryd --- 2/ [E28 - an impression] Rooker - Summit of Cader Ydris -- 2/ [E22 - an impression] Elliot -- Kilgarren Castle ----------- 2/ [E31 - an impression] Mason --- Pembroke Castle and Town --- 2/ [E29 - an impression] Woollet --- Snowdon ------------------- in Colln of Sr W W Wynne [E30 - an impression] Rooker --- a View from Temple Peace. Rome [E32 - an impression] D -------- Circus of Caracalla ---------- d-- [E33 - an impression] Gandon --- The Baths of Dioclesian --------- 2/- [E34 - an impression] W Hodges Torre del Grotte near Naples --- 2/- [E35 - an impression] Gandon a View from Banks Tiber [sic] 2/- [E36 - an impression] D -------- Temple of Romulus & Remus. 2/- [E37 - an impression] Farrington - Augustus' Bridge. Rimini - [E38 - an impression] Do ------------- Strada Nomentana -- [E39 - an impression] Gandon --- Castle of Ischia - [E40 - an impression] Do ----------- Pompey's Bridge at Terni [E41 - an impression] Rooker --- Adrian's Villa ---------------} in colln. of J Farrington [E42 - an impression] Do ---------- Maecenas's - Villa------- } [E43 - an impression] Alkin [sic] ----- Temple of Venus ---------- do } Do ---------------Gypsies in wood w^th\ Cavern } } P Sandby [E50 - an impression] 15 m from Rome --- } } Bearne [sic] ----- Falls of Niagara. N^o\. Am^a\.ded^n\ to Lady Susan Obrien [E26 - an impression] Verso Genius great & original followed no model (except | Claude). His art seem'd of his own Creation. His style & | ^colouring\ Italian. His observations were faithfully & carefully | made from Nature. His [deleted: Designs] ^compositions grand\ elegant ^original\ & superior | shew'd the Force of his ^own\ Genius, not [deleted: indetted to] guided by | the thoughts or works of any one else. His figures easy | & expressive of the character meant to be introduced | Even His mythologic & allegoric Subjects were just & Classical | in that respect his ^Genius may\ [deleted: may] have bent [?], to imitate his great | pattern Claude Lorraine - but never stooped to low | Image [sic] & vulgar nature. Was the First ^& greatest\ [deleted: that] landscape | painter in England. [In pen, turned through 90 degrees: 'RW' (the R inverted in ligature)] born ao. [blank] at. [blank] died ao. [blank] in [blank] was disigned for portrait. Genius | superior to the copying of faces [three illegible words]. Struck out into | the painting of landscape, studyd under [blank]. not confined | to the studied principles of the art [?] desirous of dispatching the | clouds that ^now\ surrounded Him [illegible words] light - He continually | made studies after nature, & observations on [deleted: the effects of] Light | & shade, trying to imitate those striking and brilliant Effects. so | happily shown in his landscapes. He was indefatigable in his | labours to attain the art. & unrivalled in Designs & Colouring ^the clair obscur admirable\ - | which were brilliant and clear. [Deleted: No one] His aerial perspective | inimitable, he confined himself to Land Scenes, never meddled | with marine - Many of the works of this charming artist are | in the Cabinets of Princes & Noblemen & have been engraved by | the First Engravers of England.