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Castle of Ischia
Royal Academy of Arts, London
James Gandon (1742-1823) after Wilson
Castle of Ischia
1776 (undated)
157 x 235 mm
64 in. 3/16 x 9 1
Seascape with distant mountains and a castle on a massive rocky islet in the centre, accessed by a low bridge to land on the right. Two fishermen appear in the foreground with a figure in a boat on the left and another further out on the water.
Acquired by 1802
Lettered below the image with title and production detail: 'R. Wilson del', 'Jas. Gandon sc.'
Ischia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the city of Naples itself. It is the largest of the Phlegrean Islands. The original fortress was built on a rock near the island in 474 BC and in 1441 Alfonso V of Aragon connected the rock to the island with a stone bridge and fortified the walls against the raids of pirates. In Wilson's day about 2000 families lived on the islet, in addition to numerous religious, a bishop, prince and military garrison.
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Another impression is at the National Museum Wales, Cardiff (NMW A 5974)
Francis Towne Castle of Ischia, watercolour, unlocated + 3 copies by Towne's pupils
Edwards 1808, p. 88; T.J. Mulvany, The Life of James Gandon, Esq. 1846, facsimile reprint ed. M. Craig, 1969, pp. 191-92
Bound in a 19th century volume with Charles Hullmandel's lithographic 24 Views of Italy, 1818
Some discoloured spotting