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Lake Albano and Castelgandolfo
Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
Lake Albano and Castelgandolfo
Oil on canvas
75.5 x 100 cm
29 3/4 x 39 3/8 in.
A view of the curve of a river, which appears in the middle distance and from which the banks rise steeply. In the foreground to right and left are groups of trees, between which sit a woman with a child and a man. Disappearing over the edge of a hill, a man on a white pony leads a donkey by its halter. Across the river in the background a path slants down the face of a cliff, which is surmounted by the town of Castelgandolfo.
RA 1774 (74)?; London 1925 (17); Manchester 1925 (17); Brussels 1929 (197); Paris 1953 (92); Rotterdam 1955 (67); Montreal 1957 (74)
James Orrock
Signed 'RW.' on stone lower centre [monogram, the R reversed]
Castelgandolfo was and remains the summer residence of the popes. It was built for Urban VIII (1623-44) to the designs of Carlo Maderna. The site of the ancient town, Alba Longa, is nearby and Pompey and Domitian, among other celebrated ancient Romans, built villas on the shore of the lake.
D163 Lake Albano and Castel Gandolfo, Victoria & Albert Museum
D312 Castel Gandolfo; A View of the Town from across the north end of Lake Albano, with a Shepherd in the Foreground, Private Collection
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[1] Claude Lorrain Pastoral Landscape with Lake Albano and Castel Gandolfo, oil on copper, 1639, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
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Kate Lowry has noted: Oil on canvas, relined. Dark foliage masses and clouds are Dutch in style. Severe drying cracks in lake and some mature cracks in centre sky, possibly due to reworking by the artist. Brown reserve for foliage visible upper left.