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Landscape: Road winding past Ruins of a Castle
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
Landscape: Road winding past Ruins of a Castle
c.1765 (undated)
Black chalk and stump, heightened with white, on brown paper, softened with stump and stuck down at corners on cream paper
146 x 204 mm
5 3/4 x 8 1/16 in.
Landscape with a road winding past the ruins of a castle which is on the right. Under a projecting and broken arch, there are three figures, two standing and one seated. The rays of the sun are pouring on them from an opening in the heavily-clouded sky. In the distance to the left, there is a square tower.
Bequeathed by the Revd Alexander Dyce
[1] Monogram lower left: RW. [the R reversed]
[2] Inscribed in black ink lower right: 645
According to a pencil inscription on the modern support, signed in old hand: Richard Wilson | £1 11-6
[1] Recto: Graphite on cut-out label stuck on lower right: R. Wilson
The location may have been Burton Ferry, Glamorganshire
E60/16 John Whessell after Wilson, Studies & Designs: View of a ruined Tower with three Figures gathered in front, The British Museum and other impressions
E72/16 Thomas Hastings after Wilson, Untitled, The British Museum and other impressions
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P168 Ruined Tower with a Figure, Bristol City Museum and Gallery
P168A Two Figures by a Ruin, Felbrigg Hall, National Trust
Ford believed that this drawing was probably based on D361, in which detail is less developed and the light effects less dramatic
DYCE COLLECTION. A Catalogue of the Paintings, Miniatures, Drawings, Engravings, Rings and Miscellaneous Objects Bequeathed by The Reverend Alexander Dyce, London : South Kensington Museum, 1874, p. 96; Ford 1951, p. 57, no. 41; WGC, p. 221, pl. 112c
Previously mounted with DYCE.640
In good condition