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Copenhagen House Tavern - Islington Fields
National Galleries of Scotland / Photography by Antonia Reeve
Ascribed to Wilson
Copenhagen House Tavern - Islington Fields
c.1749-50 (undated)
Watercolour on paper
155 x 258 mm
6 1/8 x 10 1/8 in.
D 4662
London 1925 (103); Manchester1925 (44); Ipswich 1927 (106)
Sir Edward Marsh; presented through the National Art Collections Fund 1953
Unsigned; no inscription
An eighteenth-century label in the dossier originally adhered to the reverse is inscribed:
[1] Copenhagen House | Islington Fields. | Taken about the year 1780 by Richard Wilson. | Presented by him to his pupil [...] Brooks
[2] In a different hand: 18364?
Wilson painted sites near London, e.g. P131 On Hounslow Heath, Tate, London. He also drew them, e.g. D360 A View of Hounslow Heath, LondonPrivate Collection, UK, c/o Lowell Libson Ltd, but never used watercolour, which he disliked as a medium. As Baker has remarked, the style of D7 thus seems incompatible with what is known of his draughtsmanship. But the poor condition of the sheet hinders any positive assessment of its authorship.
Baker 2011, p. 415