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Richmond 1963
Richmond 1963
Painting in England 1700-1850: Collection of Mr & Mrs Paul Mellon

Richmond Va., Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Many people worked to bring this exhibition to completion. The Mellons' friend, Basil Taylor, an English art historian, advised them on the development of their collection.
Exhibition catalogue: Painting in England 1700-1850: Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mellon, 2 vols, with an introduction by Basil Taylor, designed by John Griffiths [Taylor 1963]
This landmark exhibition of 451 objects was the first public showing of the Mellon collection. It included the following paintings and drawings by Wilson, all now in the collection of the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven:
P14 A View of Dover (no. 17)
P47A Lago d'Agnano with Vesuvius (no. 18)
P48A Lago d'Agnano with the Grotta del Cane - II (no.16)
P76A Wilton House from the South-East (no. 21)
P90 The Destruction of Niobe's Children (no. 19)
P109 Kew Gardens: The Pagoda and Bridge (no. 20)
D216 Shepherd seated under a Tree (no. 56)
D316 The Via Nomentana (no. 57)