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Rome 2014
Rome 2014
Hogarth, Reynolds, Turner, British Painting and the Rise of Modernity

Rome, Palazzo Sciarra

15 April - 20 July 2014
Carolina Brook and Valter Curzi
V. Curzi, C. Brook et al., Hogarth, Reynolds, Turner: Pittura inglese verso la Modernità, Skira 2014 [Hogarth Reynolds Turner 2014]
An exhibition of 99 paintings and works on paper promoted by Fondazione Roma and organised by Fondazione Roma-Art-Musei 'giving a comprehensive overview of the social and artistic development that took place during the 18th century in step with the hegemony gained by Great Britain at the historical, political and economic level.' Artists shown included Hogarth, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Wright of Derby, Stubbs, Fuseli, Constable and Turner. Wilson was represented by two paintings:

P44A View of Tivoli: The Cascatelle and the Villa of Maecenas (no. 73)
P47A Lago d'Agnano with Vesuvius in the Distance (no. 78)

The exhibition was reviewed by Jonathan Yarker in The British Art Journal, Vol. 15, no. 1, Autumn 2014, pp. 126-27