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Waagen 1857
Waagen 1857
Gustav Waagen
Galleries and Cabinets of Art in Great Britain
London, UK
Primary published
PLEASE NOTE: THIS ENTRY IN COURSE OF RE-EDITING Waagen's observations in one volume on paintings seen in travels round Britain in 1845, 1856 and 1857. This forms a supplement to Waagen 1854. The following identifiable pictures by Wilson are mentioned: P89A The Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham, p. 511; P96 A Summer Evening ('On the Arno' - I), p. 38; P119 Landscape with Phaeton's Petition to Apollo, p. 153; P160 Houghton Conquest House, Bedfordshire, p. 332. Pictures which have not been identified are: 1. 'Landscape, with buildings, and a piece of water, over which is a bridge. In front, on the right, is a boat. The great transparency and admirable impasto show the happy influence of Cuyp.' p. 290, Letter V, Mr [Joseph] Sanders' Collection, Taplow House, near Maidenhead. 2. 'The view of some particular locality, richly wooded and hilly, with a piece of water, and a country house near it. On canvas. Of great truth, and carefully painted in a clear silvery tone.' p. 303, Letter V, Mr [James] Morrison's Collection, Basildon Park. 3. 'View in South Wales. Of beautiful lines and striking lighting.' p. 478, Letter X, Coxlodge Hall. 4. 'Landscape with a piece of water. On the left trees; on the right, in the background, an eminence and ruins, in warm lighting. Of rare truth and clearness.' p. 479, Letter X, Coxlodge Hall. 5. 'A landscape of warm tone, with a piece of clear water, with reflections. An angler in the foreground.' p. 480, Letter X, Mr. Matthew Anderson's Collection, Jesmond Cottage, near Newcastle.