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Brighton 1920
Brighton 1920
A Collection of Oil Paintings and Sketches by Richard Wilson, R.A. lent by Captain Richard Ford

Brighton, Fine Art Galleries

28 February - 2 May 1920
Anonymous; perhaps H.D. Roberts, who was Director of the Fine Art Galleries.
Exhibition catalogue with introduction by Henry D. Roberts and bibliography of related books in the Brighton Public Library; 16 pages, printed by King, Thorne & Stage, price sixpence.
The exhibition comprised 40 oil paintings and 108 drawings, all lent by Captain Richard Ford. Apart from the loans made to the British Institution exhibition of 1814 [BI 1814] the Ford collection as such had never been exhibited in public before.

Articles on this exhibition, with reproductions include:
Col. M.H. Grant, ' Richard Wilson at Brighton', Burlington Magazine vol. 36, April 1920, pp. 193-99; and H.D. Roberts, 'The Ford Collection of Works by Richard Wilson, R.A.', The Connoisseur, vol. 57, May 1920, p. 28.