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Constable 1962
Constable 1962
William George Constable
'Richard Wilson: A Second Addendum'
The Burlington Magazine
London, UK
April 1962
Secondary published
Vol. 104, pp. 136, 138-45
In the years following the publication of W.G. Constable's ground-breaking monograph on Richard Wilson in 1952 [WGC] and the same author's addendum, [Constable 1954], realisation grew of Wilson's importance as an artist and as an influence in British art. Demand for his work and the search for examples became more intensive and a consequent increase in prices stimulated market activity still further. As a result, a considerable amount of new material, mainly in the form of paintings, came to light and is recorded in this article. It is divided into four sections: a) Rediscoveries; b) Landscapes of hitherto unknown composition and subject; c) Portraits newly come to light; d) New documentary references.