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James Gandon, 1742-1823
James Gandon was a publisher, printmaker (copper-plate engraver) and architect who worked in London and Dublin. He enrolled at William Shipley's Drawing Academy and spent two years there, acquiring the skills of a draughtsman. An associate of Joseph Farington, he regarded Wilson as a 'valuable friend'* and produced a number of prints after his work, notably five etchings for John Boydell's Twelve Original Views in Italy , published in 1776. They were E34 Baths of Dioclesian. E36 Banks of the Tiber, E37 Temple of Romulus and Remus, E40 Castle of Ischia and E41 Pompey's Bridge at Terni.

*T.J. Mulvany, The Life of James Gandon, Esq. 1846, facsimile reprint ed. M. Craig, 1969, p. 191.
Gandon exhibited in 1762 and 1763 at the Free Society of Artists where he was a member, at the Society of Artists from 1765 to 1773 and at the Royal Academy from 1774 to 1780.