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Portrait of John Jones of Pentre Mawr, Abergele
Private Collection, Wales / Photograph by Christopher Chard
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
Portrait of John Jones of Pentre Mawr, Abergele
Oil on canvas
76.3 x 63.6 cm
30 x 25 in.
Private Collection, Wales
The sitter is shown head and shoulders in an oval fictive frame
Tercentenary 2014 (ex-cat exhibited at National Museum of Wales, Cardiff)
By descent in the Jones family at Abergele until c.1920; by descent to Reginald Jones-Bateman (d. 1965), Ting Tong, Budleigh Salterton Devon; private collection Devon; bt by Miles Wynn Cato, Ludlow; sold February 2014 to a private collector in Wales
Indistinctly signed in small cursive letters and dated lower right corner: ...lson 173 [8?]
The face is thinly painted with a liquid quality
[1] The lining canvas boldly inscribed in black paint: Painted by Rd. Wilson R.A. / Cleaned, Lined & Repaired by A.R. Burt, Chester 1827
[2] Upper horizontal member of stretcher in black ink in a late 18th century or early 19th century hand: John Jones's Portrait. See monument in Abergele church
[1] Label attached to lower horizontal member of stretcher, inscribed in black ink in a later19th century hand: John Jones / (brother of Revd. Hugh Jones) / rector of Llanferres / born 1703 ... died 1778
The sitter lived from 1703-1778. The Jones family of Pentre Mawr, Abergele, Denbighshire, were significant early patrons of Wilson. Both the father and older brother of the sitter were vicars of Llanferres near Mold, where the artist's cousins lived and where he was buried in 1782.
P2 Ascribed to Wilson, Portrait of the Revd Hugh Jones, location unknown
This is one of Wilson's earliest surviving portraits, pre-dated only perhaps by P2 Portrait of the Revd Hugh Jones , Location unknown.
Although it was recorded entioned in 1872, the portrait's whereabouts were unknown until its rediscovery in the west of England in 2013.
In a contemporary frame, though not the original. The frame and tablet are identical with those of P2 Portrait of the Revd. Hugh Jones, location unknown. Kate Lowry has noted: Stretcher size 763 x 636. Original support simple weave, medium weight, linen canvas. Paste lined onto similar weight linen canvas by A.R. Burt who inscribed the lining reverse: 'Cleaned, lined and repaired by AR Burt Chester 1837'. Original turnovers removed at the time of relining. Four member stretcher without keys probably dates from relining. The vection cracks run along the inside edges of the present stretcher bars except at the top edge where the distance between the top of the stretcher bar and the crack is 25mm narrower. This suggests that the size of the original canvas has been reduced slightly along the top when relined. Dark grey ground, probably commercially prepared. The half tones of the flesh are the exposed grey of the ground. The painting has recently been cleaned and under UV light residues of old varnish are visible around margins. There are minor retouches around the left side of the face and in the tie and stock of the sitter. The retouching medium fluoresces a bluish colour so the sitter's black tie looks blue under UV light. There is a large retouch at lower left in the fictive oval. Otherwise the painting is in good condition.