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Labruzzi 2012
Labruzzi 2012
Carlo Labruzzi: The Grand Tour

London, Simon C. Dickinson Ltd

12 June - 13 July 2012
Sir Timothy Clifford
Exhibition catalogue: T. Clifford:Carlo Labruzzi: The Grand Tour. An Exhibition of over Ninety Drawings and Watercolours, 82 pages, published by Simon C. Dickinson Ltd, London, 2012
The exhibition comprised over 90 drawings and watercolours by the gifted Italian topographer, Carlo Labruzzi (1748-1817). There were none by Wilson but inevitably some subjects were very close to his work, eg. no. 12 The Temple of Minerva Medica, Rome, which recalls P60 and no. 29 An ancient gnarled Tree, which is reminiscent of D245 The Arbra Sacra on the Banks of Lake Nemi.