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Booth Notes Doc. 7
Booth Notes Doc. 7
Benjamin Booth
Unpublished Notes, Document 7: List of Prints after Wilson's Paintings
Unpublished manuscript
London, UK
Primary unique
Private Collection, England
A single-page manuscript list of prints after Wilson's paintings on laid paper with initials, marks and a date verso
Recto: Prints from Wilson's Paintings Meleager & Atalanta. R[reversed]W & Mortimer | by Woollet for Sayer [E55 - an impression] Apollo & Season. R[reversed]W. Woollet & Pouncy [E47 - an impression] Ceyx & Alcyone R[reversed]W Woollet Proof | Sayer [E20 - an impression] Seneca Sollitur [?] R[reversed]W Woollet & Ellis [E44 - an impression] Cicero at Villa R[reversed]W, Woollet [E45 - an impression] Celadon & Amelia R[reversed]W, Woollet & Browne [E18 - an impression] Niobe ----------- R[reversed]W. Woollet [E11 - an impression] Phaeton. (D Bridgwater - R[reversed]W. Woollet [E12 - an impression] Nemi. Speculum Dianae R[reversed]W. Wood [E13 - an impression] Delme's Storm. No. 4} R[reversed]W. Roberts [probably E17 - an impression] Monks on a Rock} View in Italy. No. 2. R[reversed]W Roberts [E16 - an impression] Villa Madama. No. 1 R[reversed]W. Byrne [E14 - an impression] 12 views in Italy R[reversed]W. by Rooker, Hodges } [E32 - E43 - impressions] Farringdon &c } These 3 [?] are those from paintings & in } whose Possession - ? -------------------------- } Anconetta I. near Venice [E19 - an impression] Carnarvon Castle - R[reversed]W. Byrne [E27 - an impression] Bridge over Taaffe ---- R[reversed]W. Canot [E28 - an impression] Cader Idris ------------- R[reversed]W Rooker [E22 - an impression] Kilgarren Castle R[reversed]W Elliot [E31 - an impression] Pembroke Castle --- R[reversed]W Mason [E29 - an impression] Snowdon ------------- R[reversed]W. Woollet [E30 - an impression] View Entrance Wood 15m Rom R[reversed]W Alken [E50 - an impression] Temple Venus. Baya. R[reversed]W ------------ do----- [unidentified] Falls Niagara N.A. R[reversed]W --------- Byrne [E26 - an impression] Castle by Seaside & Figures R[reversed]W small [unidentified] Cumaean Grotto. from his picture Opie's [unidentified] Verso: [1] Reaching down from the top: 12 vertical columns of 30+ short horizontal marks [2] Lower end of right side through 90 degrees left: five short columns of marks with a title: 'wants frames' [3] Bottom of page: '3' [4] Extending up left hand side of page through 90 degrees, 10 short columns of marks headed: WP, PS, EP, JMn., Sir J P [?], SrGC, Hulse, [deleted: CWd.], Dealers, Auctd. [5] To the right of [4] at 90 degrees : 53. 10 July 94