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Dolbadarn Castle and Llanberis Lake
Trustees of the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley
Studio of Wilson
Dolbadarn Castle and Llanberis Lake
Oil on canvas
91.5 x 129.5 cm
36 x 51 in.
CP/TR 373
The view is in Caernarvonshire (Gwynedd), North Wales, looking south along Llyn Padarn [sic], towards the ancient British fortress of Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris beyond with Snowdon in the distance. Beyond the castle to the left a country house with a walled garden is set on a hill, later occupied by the now disused Dinorwig slate quarry. In the foreground two boys are fishing, one of whom has just caught an eel. Next to them a pitchfork or some spades lie discarded by the fallen tree trunk.
Bequeathed by Captain Roland Addy (1893-1978), Brierley Hall, Brierley, near Barnsley, and Oliver's Mount, Scarborough, 1978
D343 Dolbadarn Castle and Llyn Peris, The British Museum
E78/2 Havell after Wilson, The Ruined Fortress, The British Museum
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