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The Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham
Private Collection, England
Studio of Wilson
The Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham
Oil on canvas
50 x 74 cm
19 5/8 x 29 1/8 in.
Private Collection, England
Sotheby's London, 12 April 1995 (78)
Unsigned; no inscription
The trees are frothy and not painted onto reserves while the figures to the right are globulous and rather crude. There are no birds in the sky. The background figures are quite well articulated, but the blue of the sky is pasty, thin and broad-brushed, suggesting overpaint and the facture of the clouds seems later. In the left foreground the flowers seem over-detailed and some of the colours are post-1800. The parallel strips of light outlining the tree-trunk at the left are uncharacteristic. The junction of the trees and sky, especially to the left, is opaque and rather unsure. The water of the river is imprecise and sludgy. Overall the effect of the picture is colourful but not limpid.
E72/31 Thomas Hastings after Wilson, On the Thames, The British Museum (1854,0708.88)
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Peter Tillemans (c. 1684-1734), View of the Thames at Twickenham, c. 1720-25, Richmond upon Thames Borough Art Collection, Orleans House, London
Marble Hill House was built for Henrietta Howard, mistress of King George II and was later occupied by Mrs Fitzherbert, mistress and morganatic wife of King George IV. As a Palladian villa the house could claim kinship to both the great Palladio and the architectural heritage of ancient Rome. The Thames at Twickenham had attracted painters from the 1720s, largely on account of the villa there belonging to Alexander Pope who lived there from 1719 until his death in 1744.
Relined. Coarse weave canvas is showing through. The frame is rococo-style carved wood with gesso veneer.