Studies & Designs: Coastal Scene…

Studies & Designs: Coastal Scene…
Studies & Designs: Coastal Scene…
Studies & Designs: Coastal Scene…
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John Whessell (c.1760-1806) after Wilson
Studies & Designs: Coastal Scene, with a Cross on a tall Rock out at Sea
Published 1811
Soft-ground etching, with etching
Metric: 137 x 209 mm
Imperial: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4 in.
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Wilson Online Reference
Coastal scene, with a cross on a tall rock standing isolated a little way out to sea beyond a small boat with a single oarsman crossing in the left foreground. Two figures are seen on a flat rock near the base of the cliffside to the right - all within an etched rectangular border.
Bought from Samuel & Sons, 1863
Inscribed lower right with faint traces of the engraver's name
Related Drawings
D53/2 Studies and Designs done in Rome in the Year 1752, p. 2, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
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Critical commentary
From a set of small soft-ground etchings by Whessell at the British Museum ( E60/1- E60/44). These were made after Wilson's drawings in the sketchbook of the same title at the Victoria & Albert Museum (D53-D53/81). The present one is taken from p. 2 (D53/2). In 1811 the etchings were published by the Oxford-based publisher, Robert Archer in more than one format - this one with an introduction and list of subscribers.
Archer 1811, p. 2
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