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Gaspard Dughet, 1615-1675
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Biographical Details
Dughet was pupil and brother-in-law of the French classical artist, Nicolas Poussin, whose surname he adopted. Together with the paintings of Claude Lorrain and Salvator Rosa, Dughet's works were highly influential on British artists and patrons travelling in Italy in the 18th century, especially as classic representations of ancient vistas and monuments. Dughet was also closely associated with Tivoli in particular, eliciting the famous comment from Thomas Jones, Wilson's pupil that 'Gasper Poussin seems to have form'd his Style from this Country' (Jones 1803, p. 67). Wilson directly expressed admiration for Dughet when he described him to his artist friend, Sir William Beechey, as the best landscape painter 'for composition and sentiment' (Whitley 1700-1799, vol. 1, 1928, p. 380).