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Benjamin Booth
Unpublished Notes, Document 4
Unpublished manuscript
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Private Collection, England
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A four-page folded folio of laid paper watermarked GR but undated with further biographical fragments and abandoned lists of Wilson's works.
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Page 1: Works - He studyd ^while abroad\ chiefly the paintings of Claude | de Lorraine as to his beautiful Distribution | of Light & shadow did not bestow'd [sic] equal | Labour altho' produced Equal Effects - | his portraits of nature being faithful - | his Drawings accurate & as [word deleted] meritorious | as his paintings, his Imagination lively - & | his paintings ^were studys &\ possess ^such\ an elegance - Tone | & spirit, that they are by many preferred | to those of Claude see Works . another Paper [The following deleted from * to **:] * a picture of Niobe in the collection of | His R H the D of Gloucester a piece [?] in [?] & [?] a Niobe [P90A] --- D Bridgewater Cicero at Tusculum . 2 views Wales large 2 do. small E Aylesburgham [?] Meleager & Atalanta } [deleted: Rob. Sayer Cicero [illegible word] Sr John Smith Apollo & the Seasons .} Richmd.] Hill P Delmé Seneca retired - Rob. Ledger [deleted:] Arnald of Greenwich a Storm. Monks on Rock - P. Delmé ^Mitchell Barker [illegible word] city Maecenas' Villa. -- [deleted:] J. Purling [deleted word] Lake Albano & others - [deleted: Hulse] Sr. W [deleted: W.Wynne] large a Storm monks on rock } P Sandby Views in Wales differing from Delmé } Sr. G Beaumont Bowles [deleted word] Temple Venus at Baye - - Do Adrian's Villa } - [deleted word] [deleted: Booth Dr Woolcot] Maecenas' do} [deleted: Sandby ^Philips of Cornwall\ Macklay [?]] Oxon [illegible word] [deleted:] Mr Hulse Sion House from ye Thames } V. Amiliana ^Peny\ [deleted: Farington] Temple Bacchus ------------- } Old Tree & Gypsys 18 m/ do. Venus (at E. Peny's } Rome from P. Molle Parsons [deleted: J. Hunter] View in Italy late Sr. J. Taylors } Booth [deleted: Sr. W. Chambers] Nomentana & another late SrGC } View View Wales - } Campagna Rome [deleted: Wilton] Villa Madama & Lake Nemi } from Sybil's Temple [deleted: Sayers] Sr. [deleted: Patk] Blake Blake a View in [three illegible words] [deleted: D Gardner] painter ** Page 2 Mr. Pennant had a high Esteem for RW & | his works, in his description of Snowdon p.181 | he says of RW "I was tempted here to exceed the | "Limits of my Alpine Tour for now the mountains descend | "fast from their majestic Heights, growing less steep as they | "approach the Irish Sea. My motive was to obtain a sight | "of 2 fine lakes called Llynniew Nanlle. which form 2 handsome | Expanses with a very small Distance between Each from hence is | a noble view of the Wyddfa. which terminates the view thro' the | visto of Dewi y Coed. It is from this spot Mr Wilson has favour'd | us with a view as magnificent as it is faithful. Few are sensible of | this for few visit the spot | under article Snowdonia | *See His Tour of Wales. 2d. Ed. pd for B White 1784 - | p181 - | ----------------- | In his Description of Cader Ydris he says of RW | "on the other side at a nearer Distance I saw | "Craig Cay - a great Rock with a Lake beneath lodged | "in a deep Hollow, possibly the crater of an ancient volcano | "This is so excellently expressed by the admirable Pencil of my | "kinsman Mr. Wilson, that I shall not attempt the Description" | See the same work p. 88. | --- | Sr W W Wynne was a good friend to RW he | has a portrait of him at Wynstay painted by | [three words deleted] ^Mengs\ - he has a noble picture | of Cicero at Tarentum [P162A] - a Large View of | Dinas Brân with Llangollen Town & Bridge [P165] - | & another Llangollen Vale with Dinas Brân | at Distance [P166] those two and the Cicero ^Villa\ & 2 small | views in Wales at his house in St. James' | Square, Also a View of Snowdon and another | of Cader Ydris [probably P179] which are at Wynstay - The View of Llangollen Vale was painted on | the spot Sr. Watkin had a Tent erected for | him in which he painted it Page 3 RW painted 2 Views of the Foundling | Hospital now there, soon after his | Return from Rome about 1754 - | painted a view of the pagoda ^in Kew Gardens\ & ^with the\ Bridge [P109] remark [sic]| for being put together in one night by Torch | Light by order of King [deleted: which surprised] ^with the intention of surprising\ the | Ps. Dowager ^therewith\ in the morn, [deleted: not being built] ^no Bridge having been then\ there the | Day before also a view of the Grand Arch ^in those Gardens\| which Pictures his friend Sr. W Chambers wish'd | [deleted: the King] ^His Majesty\ to see & ^to\ purchase - they were shewn | Him, but a party for Zucharelli the Flemish [sic] | artist getting the Better of his Judgmt He | did not express ^that\ approbation of them ^as was wisht\| not even | [illegible] ^them\ indeed he patronized no [illegible] where ^except West [?]\| [*]The late ingenious Mr Woollet ingraved| [deleted: 'several'] ^many\ of Wilson's pictures among them | are [ ...] Engravers on another Paper | The Ceyx & Alcione - in the Colln. of [blank] [E20 & other impressions] The Meleager & Atalanta ___do- R Sayer of Richmd. [E46, E55 & other impressions] The Apollo & the Seasons __do- R. Sayer - [E47 & other impressions] The Seneca (Solitude) ____ do Rob Ledger [E44 & other impressions] The Cicero at Villa _______ do Sr. Jn. Smith [E45 & other impressions] The Celadon & Amelia _____do Mr Locke [E18 & other impressions] The Niobe ______________ do Duke of Bridgwater [E11 & other impressions] The Phaeton [E12 & other impressions] ^Many\ of his pictures have been engraved by | Wood ^View of Snowdon\ Hodges, Farringdon [sic], Roberts, Byrne, Rooker | Canot, Elliot. Mason ^Gandon Alken Morris - \ |[illegible deleted] & it is to be lamented | that there is not printed a compleat series of his works - | from accurate drawings.[**] [The section from [*] to [**] is overscored with a large, heavy single diagonal cross] Page 4 ^Mr Locke of Norbury\ ^Sr George Beaumont\ Drawings in Collection of Ol Bowles - B. Booth - P Sandby - Farringdon [sic] [deleted: his pupil who says they are as fine } as his paintings-------------------- }] &c &c Wigstead Wm.. [or Mrs..] [blank] of Charlton
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