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Leicester 1953
Sir George Beaumont and his Circle
Leicester Museums and Art Gallery
June - July 1953
P.A. Tomory
Related Publication
Eponymous exhibition catalogue, Leicester Museums and Art Gallery 1953, 24. pp & one black and white illustration
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The exhibition commemorated the bicentenary of the birth of Sir George Beaumont, Bart (1753-1827), patron, artist, connoisseur and supporter of Wilson (q.v.). It comprised 109 works by various artists, as well as manuscripts, printed books and miscellanea. Wilson was represented by four paintings and one drawing:

P70 Torre delle Grotte near Naples (no. 79)
P82 The Bridge of Augustus at Rimini (no 78)
P92A River, Sea Coast and circular Ruin (no. 81 - Italian Landscape)
P159 Lake Nemi with two Friars (no. 80)
D207 Torre delle Grotte, near Naples (no. 82)
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