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Catalogue 1814
Catalogue of Pictures by the late William Hogarth, Richard Wilson, Thomas Gainsborough, and J. Zoffani. Exhibited by permission of the proprietors in honour of the memory of those distinguished artists, and for the improvement of British art
The British Institution
London, UK
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The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
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Douce L subt. 63 (1)
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The catalogue, price one shilling, was published to accompany the eponymous exhibition held at the British Institution [BI 1814]. It comprises 23 pages plus three etchings 'distinguishing the names in [Zoffany's group portraits] the Florentine Gallery and Royal Academy'. There were two editions, with slight variations of numbering; the present one is the second. Wilson first appears on p. 16. For the works that can be identified, see BI 1814.
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The anonymous preface, p. 10, includes the following paragraph: Many of the works of Wilson will be contemplated with delight - few artists have excelled him in the tint of air, perhaps the most difficult point of attainment for the Landscape Painter; every object in his pictures keeps its place, because each is seen through its proper medium. This excellence alone gives a charm to his pencil, and with judicious application may be turned to the advantage of the British Artist. The merit of his works is now justly appreciated; and we may hope that since the period of his decease, the love and knowledge of the Art have been so much diffused through this country, that the exertion of such talents may never again remain unrewarded during the life of him who possessed them.
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