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Brighton 1920
A Collection of Oil Paintings and Sketches by Richard Wilson, R.A. lent by Captain Richard Ford
Brighton, Fine Art Galleries
28 February - 2 May 1920
Anonymous; perhaps H.D. Roberts, who was Director of the Fine Art Galleries.
Related Publication
Exhibition catalogue with introduction by Henry D. Roberts and bibliography of related books in the Brighton Public Library; 16 pages, printed by King, Thorne & Stage, price sixpence.
More Information
The exhibition comprised 40 oil paintings and 108 drawings, all lent by Captain Richard Ford. Apart from the loans made to the British Institution exhibition of 1814 [BI 1814] the Ford collection as such had never been exhibited in public before.

Articles on this exhibition, with reproductions include:
Col. M.H. Grant, ' Richard Wilson at Brighton', Burlington Magazine vol. 36, April 1920, pp. 193-99; and H.D. Roberts, 'The Ford Collection of Works by Richard Wilson, R.A.', The Connoisseur, vol. 57, May 1920, p. 28.
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