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Wembley 1924-25
The British Empire Exhibition
London, Wembley Park
23 April 1924 - 31 October 1925
Director of United Kingdom Exhibits: Lawrence Weaver
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This major international exhibition was designed to celebrate and enhance the achievements and potential of the British Empire. It was housed in a number of national and thematic 'palaces', among them the fire-proofed Palace of Arts. In 1924 this contained historical room sets, as well as painting and sculpture principally from the eighteenth century onwards - all displayed in 32 galleries, numbered alphabetically, plus one housing the Queen's Dolls House. Wilson was represented in Gallery V by two paintings:
P64A A View of the Tiber with Rome in the Distance (no. V.39 - The Tiber)
P89 The Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham (no. V.4)

In 1925 the displays in the Palace of Arts were changed and there were three fewer galleries. Wilson was represented by three works:
P12D Caernarvon Castle (no. V.5)
P126 Tabley House, Cheshire (no. V.21)
Ascribed to Wilson, Cricket at Hampton Wick (no. V.19 - lent by Marylebone Cricket Club)