Wilson Online Reference
Rome 1911
International Fine Arts Exhibition Rome 1911
Rome, Italy
Sir Isidore Spielmann
Related Publication
I. Spielmann, International Fine Arts Exhibition, Rome 1911, British Historical and Archaeological Section, 51 pp. including 20 black and white pls
More Information
Wilson was represented by five works in Room II:

P68 Classical Landscape with Venus, Adonis and Cupids (no. 11)
D119A The Castle of St Angelo, Rome (no. 53)
D168 Monte Jove (Giove) and the Campagna (no. 23)
John Plimmer, Ruins: A Boy soliciting Alms from three Gentlemen, black chalk &c., Victoria & Albert Museum, London (DYCE.649) (no. 14 - The Tarpeian Rock))
John Plimmer, Landscape: Ruins, with a Cascade and a circular Temple, black chalk &c., Victoria & Albert Museum, London (DYCE.638) (no. 22 - Tivoli with the Cascades)