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Villa Emiliana near Rome
Private Collection, Scotland
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
Villa Emiliana near Rome
Later 1770s (undated)
Oil on wood
34.2 x 41.2 cm
13 1/2 x 16 1/4 in.
Private Collection, Scotland
An umbrella pine dominates the scene, with part of a villa on the left and a prominent stone sarcophagus in the centre. In the right background are a walled farmstead with cypresses and other trees. A figure is attending to washing on the wooden steps at the side of the villa, other figures are beneath the pine and a man sits on the ground prominently in the right foreground. Beyond are the sea or a lake and distant mountains under a blue sky with fluffy clouds.
RA Old Masters 1886 (17 - Landscape)
Traces of possible signature lower left: W
The pine branches have been reinforced oddly
D223 Ascribed to Wilson, A Roman Table Support, Private Collection, England
E72/4 Thomas Hastings after Wilson, Villa Emilia, 1820, The British Museum
E72/4A Thomas Hastings after Wilson, Villa Emilia, 1820, The British Museum
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The figures on the tomb in this version seem undiscernible.
WGC, p. 199, pl. 76b (version 1)
Repaired and blanched area round poplars on the right. Kate Lowry has noted: Mahogany panel c10mm thick bevelled at all reverse edges. Perhaps a furniture panel rather than a prepared artist's panel. No cracks or splits. Ground preparation dark red in colour. Paint rather grubby but in fair condition with minor discoloured retouches in poplar trees at centre right. Figures and tomb are quite convincing as Wilson. The pine tree has strong impasto of white between branches.