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Landscape with Castle and Lake
Anglesey Abbey, National Trust
Ascribed to Wilson
Landscape with Castle and Lake
Oil on canvas
45.7 x 53.4 cm
18 x 21 in.
A lake is overshadowed by a hill to the right, on top of which is a castle. Four figures and a dog can be seen in the foreground.
With Leggatt, London; date and source of acquisition by Lord Fairhaven unknown
Unsigned; no inscription
106 (121)
WGC, p. 205, pl. 84b
The condition is described as ruinous and the surface is porcellaneous with imperfections. Kate Lowry has noted:
The painting has a thick shiny varnish and very dark foliage in the foreground which makes it difficult to assess, however it contains nothing that points away from Wilson. The figures and the tree trunk look convincing.