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The Baths of Nero
The Trustees of the British Museum
Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
The Baths of Nero
c.1752-56 (undated)
Black chalk and stump, touched with white, on blue-green paper
279 x 421 mm
11 x 16 9/16 in.
The Baths of Nero are shown in a bay with a ruin beneath a wooded cliff. In the distance, there is a castle on a hill and beyond, a headland and rocky island. In the foreground a neck of land projects from the shore with figures near two boats. Other figures are visible further off.
Bought from Walter Benjamin Tiffin, 434 West Strand, London, 1847
Inscribed upper right by Wilson: 'Baths of Nero.'
The reverse was invisible as the drawing has been laid down
It is probable that the inscription refers to the villa built at Baiae by the Emperor Nero in the first century AD. Baiae lies on the Gulf of Pozzuoli in the northwestern part of the Gulf of Naples.
Binyon 12
Foxed in the sky and at the lower left and upper right corners