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William Byrne, 1743-1805
Connection to Wilson
Biographical Details
William Byrne was a landscape engraver who studied under F. G. Aliamet in London between at least 1760 and 1765. At the age of 22 in 1765, Byrne won a premium of 25 guineas from the Incorporated Society of Artists for E14 A View in the Villa Madama, near Rome, called Il Teatro after Wilson. He also engraved one of the versions of the Temple of the Sibyl and the Campagna (E15) and continued to exhibit with the Society until 1780 and seems to have commissioned P178 The Falls of Niagara, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which he engraved in 1774. Byrne also trained John Landseer, the engraver and antiquary.
Patronage of Works
Possibly P178 The Falls of Niagara, Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Significant institutions
Incorporated Society of Artists