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Munich 1979-80
Zwei Jahrhunderte Englische Malerei, Britische Kunst und Europa 1680 bis 1880
Munich, Haus der Kunst
21 November 1979 - 27 January 1980
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Exhibition catalogue: Zwei Jahrhunderte Englische Malerei : Britische Kunst und Europa, 1680 bis 1880, Haus der Kunst, Munchen, 1980. Contributors included John Gage, Michael Kitson, William Vaughan and Christopher White,
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This major survey of British art over the period comprised 382 works, includiing the following six paintings and three drawings by Wilson:

P49 Lake, Villa and Pine Trees: 'A Summer Evening' (no. 81)
P56 Rome from the Villa Madama (no. 91)
P57 Rome: St Peter's and the Vatican from the Janiculum (no. 92)
P69 Ego fui in Arcadia (no. 82)
P108 The Ruined Arch in Kew Gardens (no. 56)
P126 Tabley House, Cheshire (no. 63)
D245 The Arbra Sacra on the Banks of Lake Nemi (no. 104 - Studie eines alten Baumes an einem Seeufer)
D306 The Circus of Flora, Rome, with an Artist sketching in the Foreground (no. 93)
D334 The Baths of Caracalla at Albano (no. 103)
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