Maecena's Villa at Tivoli

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Maecena's Villa at Tivoli
Maecena's Villa at Tivoli
Maecena's Villa at Tivoli
National Museum Wales, Cardiff
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John Le Keux (1783-1846) after Wilson
Maecena's Villa at Tivoli
Published March 1833
Steel engraving on white paper
Metric: 305 x 338 mm
Imperial: 12 x 13 5/16 in.
Accession Number
NMW A 10922
Wilson Online Reference
Landscape with two women beside a stream in the foreground, one kneeling to fill a vessel. There is antique masonry and a large boulder to their right and a waterfall and prominent antique buildings on a densely forested slope behind.
Given by Isaac John Williams, 1920
[1] Lettered below the image with the title, 'R. WILSON, PINXT' 'J. LE KEUX, SCULPT.' and production details:'Printed by Mr. Queen | London, Published March 1833, for the Associated Engravers by Mr. John Pye, 42, Cirencester Place.'
[2] Lower right corner, pencil: 20.449
Verso inscriptions
[1] Lower right, pencil: NMWA 10922
The view is up the gorge of the River Aniene, showing the lower cascades in the middle distance and above them, the ruins of the so-called Villa of Maecenas or Temple of Hercules. The small building on the hillside is the Tempio della Tosse (Temple of Coughing), perhaps a tomb. As noted by Solkin, however, the foreground and middleground seem to be entirely invented, while the villa itself and the temple are shown on a much lower slope than they occupy in reality.
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