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Kenwood 1974
British Artists in Rome, 1700-1800
London, Kenwood House, Iveagh Bequest
8 June - 27 August 1974
Lindsay Stainton
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Exhibition catalogue: L. Stainton, British Artists in Rome 1700-1800, 1974, 88 pages & four leaves of pls, published by the Greater London Council, price £1
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This survey loan exhibition comprised 152 objects - paintings, works on paper, sculpture, printed books and documents. Wilson was represented by four paintings and eight drawings:

P42 Capriccio Landscape with Lake, Castle and Hills (no. 145 - Italian Landscape Capriccio)
P51 Landscape with Banditti round a Tent (no. 146)
P60 The Temple of Minerva Medica, Rome (no. 148)
P69 Ego fui in Arcadia (no. 147)
D68 Still-Life with Flask (no. 50)
D202 Tall Trees (no. 149)
D218 Harbour Scene (no. 150)
D226 Bernini's Elephant carrying an Obelisk (no. 24ii)
D231 Bernini's Fountain of the Triton, Piazza Barberini, Rome (no. 24i)
D281 Homage before a Statue (no. 151)
D306 The Circus of Flora, Rome, with an Artist sketching in the Foreground (no. 23)
D341 The Outskirts of Rome under Snow (no. 25)
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