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Kenwood 1967
The Origins of Landscape Painting in England
London, Kenwood House, Iveagh Bequest
Summer 1967
Alister Campbell, Frank Simpson, John Hayes and others
Related Publication
Exhibition catalogue: The Origins of Landscape Painting in England, Iveagh Bequest Kenwood, Greater London Council, 1967, 24 pages and four leaves of pls, price 2/6
More Information
This survey exhibition of 38 works covered seventeenth-century predecessors of Wilson as well as his contemporaries. He himself was represented by five paintings:

P14B Dover Castle (no. 29)
P19 St George's Hospital, London (no. 28)
P50 Landscape with Banditti: The Murder (no. 30)
P69 Ego fui in Arcadia (no. 31 - Shepherds in the Campagna)
P83 Croome Court, Worcestershire (no. 32)