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Thomas Hudson, 1701-1779
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Biographical Details
Best known as a portrait painter, Hudson studied under Jonathan Richardson, whose daughter he married in 1725.
From about 1745 for a decade or so he was the most successful London portraitist, with many assistants, including the specialist drapery painter, Joseph van Aken. Reynolds, Joseph Wright of Derby and the drapery painter Peter Toms were his students. Hudson visited Italy in 1752, and the following year bought a house at Twickenham, near Pope's Villa. He retired there and died on 26 January 1779. His extensive art collection, which included a number of drawings by Wilson, was dispersed in three separate sales.

Collector's mark: Lugt 2432

Patronage of Works
D54 Architectural Sketch, National Museum Wales, Cardiff
D109 Classical Landscape with Tower, National Museum Wales, Cardiff
D209 View from the Back of St Peter's, Rome, Private Collection, England
D402 An Italian Landscape with a Bridge, location unknown
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