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Horace Buttery, 1846-1900
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Picture restorer, dealer and organist, based at 173 Piccadilly, London. Horace Buttery was the son of the restorer Charles Buttery (1812-78). He continued his father's business and worked for Queen Victoria, Sir Richard Wallace, various country houses and on paintings belonging to the University Galleries, Oxford, following their move to what is now the Ashmolean Museum. These may have included P47 View of Lago d'Agnano, the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius in the Distance and P197 A Weir on the River Po near Ferrara. Horace Buttery died on 12 February 1900, when his effects were valued at £9,946 (information from Lorne Campbell). He left his property to his assistant, Ayerst Hooker (1868-1929), who later assumed the surname Buttery [Buttery 2]. See further: British Picture Restorers, 1600-1950 - B, National Portrait Gallery online resource, 2nd edn 2015.
Significant institutions
Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
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