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London 2012
Constable, Gainsborough, Turner and the Making of Landscape
London, Royal Academy
8 December 2012 - 17 February 2013
MaryAnne Stevens, Helen Valentine, Annette Wickham, Andrew Wilton, Nick Savage, Helena Bonett
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Gallery guide with introductory essay by Andrew Wilton, 28 pages.
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This exhibition was drawn from the Collections, Library and Archive of the Royal Academy supported by Lowell Libson Ltd and others. Exhibits (unnumbered) included:

P147 Studio of Wilson, The White Monk - IV
E12B William Woollett after Wilson, Phaeton
E13A Joseph Wood after Wilson, The Lake of Nemi or Speculum Dianae
E14C William Byrne after Wilson, A View in the Villa Madama near Rome called Il Teatro
E15C William Byrne after Wilson, Tivoli: The Temple of the Sibyl and the Campagna [untitled]
E20C William Woollett after Wilson, Ceyx and Alcyone
E25A Thomas Morris after Wilson, The Banks of the River Dee near Eaton, Cheshire
E33B Edward Rooker after Wilson, Circus of Caracalla (from Twelve Original Views in Italy)
E44C William Woollett & William Ellis after Wilson, Solitude
E47 William Woollett & Benjamin Thomas Pouncy after Wilson & John Hamilton Mortimer, Apollo and the Seasons
E55 William Woollett & Benjamin Thomas Pouncy after Wilson, Meleager and Atalanta
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