View of Rome and the Ponte Molle

View of Rome and the Ponte Molle
View of Rome and the Ponte Molle
View of Rome and the Ponte Molle
Private Collection / Image courtesy of Sotheby’s, London
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Ascribed to Wilson
View of Rome and the Ponte Molle
Oil on canvas
Metric: 94 x 132.7 cm
Imperial: 37 x 52 1/4 in.
Location Unknown
Wilson Online Reference
Rome is viewed from near the Ponte Molle, constructed in 109 BC, on the usual route into the city for the eighteenth-century traveller approaching from the north. The bridge, shown at an oblique angle to the left, retains the fifteenth-century guard tower since demolished. To the right, in silhouette at the summit of Monte Mario is the Villa Mellini, while nearer and lower is the Villa Madama. In the centre beyond the winding Tiber are Castel Sant' Angelo (Mausoleum of Hadrian) and St Peter's.
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 1886, no.762
Duke of Hamilton; Hamilton Palace sale, Christie's 8 July 1882 (1075 - Distant View of Rome: Sunset), bt Agnew (£1.050); 1904, David Jardine, High Lee, Woolton, Liverpool; his sale, Christie's 16 March 1917 (138 - A View of Ancient Rome: Sunset), bt Sulley & Co. (£63); Anon., (with Lansdowne); Christie's 7 March 1930 (104 - A View of Ancient Rome: Sunset), bt Bale (£210); Major L. Gardner; Christie's, London 18 December 1953 (75); with Montagne Bernard, 1954; Sotheby's London, 23 March 1966 (90); Anon., Sotheby's Gleneagles, Perthshire, 31 August 1967 (75), bt Frensham (£1,800); with Oscar & Peter Johnson; Sotheby's 29 November 2001 (156)
Unsigned, no inscription
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Critical commentary
Differs from P64 in minor details but mainly in having two thinner cypress trees at the extreme right rather than sited more centrally, and a stone altar instead of a milestone in the lower left corner. The compiler has not seen this painting, which is therefore listed as ascribed.
WGC, p. 220. pl. 109b (version)
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