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Swansea 1999
Richard Wilson Themes and Variations
Swansea, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery
18 September - 14 November 1999
Kilian Anheuser, Rebecca Campbell, Yoko Kawaguchi, Robin Simon, Jenny Williamson
Related Publication
Exhibition catalogue: Richard Wilson Themes and Variations with essays by Robin Simon, Kilian Anheuser and Yoko Kawaguchi [Themes and Variations 1999]
More Information
The title of this exhibition related to the fact that Wilson often painted several versions of a particular subject and was copied during and after his lifetime. It included an X-ray photograph by Kate Lowry of the painting P114 Solitude - I, which revealed new aspects of the picture and shed light on Wilson's working methods. The exhibition also featured the following works from the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery:

P93 Lake Avernus and the Island of Capri
NWP144E Ascribed to Wilson The White Monk - I
Follower of Wilson River Scene in Italy (GV6)
Ascribed to Wilson Landscape with Old Castle (GV14)
D169 A Sketch from Nature in Italy
D170 The West Belvedere at Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli
D222 Il Tempio della Sebella a Tivoli
D357A A Ruin, Arch at Kew Gardens
Johnson Carr after Wilson Study after Niobe (GV DF 2063)
Johnson Carr after Wilson A Study in Italy - Architectural Study (GV DF 2069)
John Plimmer after Wilson Tivoli, the Cascatelli Grandi and the Villa of Maecenas (GV DF 2065)
Studio of Wilson View near Tivoli (GV DF 2068)
Imitator of Wilson Landscape with River, Trees and Mountains (GV DF 2060)