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London 1973-74
Landscape in Britain, 1750-1850
London, Tate Gallery
20 November 1973 - 3 February 1974
Leslie Parris
Related Publication
Exhibition catalogue: L. Parris, Landscape in Britain, 1750-1850, London: Tate Gallery Publications, 1973 [Parris 1973]
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This major survey of British landscape included four paintings and four drawings by Wilson, and one print after him:
P50 Landscape with Banditti: The Murder (no. 30)
P108 The Ruined Arch in Kew Gardens (no. 35)
P110 Holt Bridge on the River Dee (no. 37)
P126 Tabley House, Cheshire (no. 40)
D357/1 The Ruined Arch at Kew (no. 34)
D357A A Ruin, Arch at Kew Gardens (no. 33)
D358 Holt Bridge on the River Dee (no. 36)
D370 Conway Castle (no. 39)
E11 [unreproduced impression] William Woollett after Wilson: Niobe (no. 31)
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