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Linton 1905
Sir James Linton
'The Landscape Painters of England: Richard Wilson, R.A.'
Magazine of Fine Arts
Date of Publication
November 1905
Secondary published
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Pp. 24-35, with one colour and ten black and white illustrations
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Sir James Dromgole Linton (1840-1916), painter, watercolourist and lithographer, laments that Wilson 'in spite of the constant exhibition of his works in the National and other Galleries, is almost as unappreciated today as he was in his lifetime.' (p. 24). After speculating on the causes he comments that 'Wilson's noble design, reticent but beautiful colour, masterly execution, and love of nature will some day receive wider appreciation, and these fine qualities will yet raise him to the high place in public favour which he so eminently deserves.' (p. 30)
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