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Edinburgh Charlotte Square 1950
Pictures and Furnishings from Scotland's Famous Houses
Edinburgh, 5 Charlotte Square
20 August - 9 September 1950
The National Trust for Scotland and Scotland's Gardens Scheme
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Anon: Pictures and Furnishings from Scotland's Famous Houses, Edinburgh 1950
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The exhibition was held at Bute House, 5, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. It comprised 126 objects, including:

P34 River, Road and Village (no. 92)
Variant of P197: A Waterfall in Italy Earl of Haddington, Sotheby's 18 June 1952 (53, bt Agnew; presently unlocated) (no. 118)
Ascribed to Wilson, Landscape: 'The Enchanted Castle', Private Collection, Scotland (no. 104)
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