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Cooper 1948 2
Douglas Cooper
'Richard Wilson's Views of Kew'
The Burlington Magazine
London, UK
Date of Publication
December 1948
Secondary published
More Information
Vol. 90, no. 549, pp. 346-48 The article identifies both Wilson's pictures of Kew, P108 The Ruined Arch in Kew Gardens and P109 Kew Gardens: The Pagoda and Palladian Bridge, exhibited at the Society of Artists in May 1762 (130 & 131). The author reveals that 'for well over a hundred years [P108] has been mistakenly known as Villa Borghese [...] a striking example of the way in which Wilson's classical transformations of an English landscape can prove deceptive.' Cooper dates the paintings 1761-62 and comments that 'Wilson evidently regarded the two views as a pair, yet there is no great similarity between them'.